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Mentoring Program

We are excited to invite your child to participate in the REC’s Free Mentoring Program. We offer a program that will produce the benefits of youth mentoring:

·         Increased high school graduation rates

·         Lower high school dropout rates

·         Healthier relationships and lifestyle choices

·         Better attitude about school

·         Higher college enrollment rates and higher educational


·         Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence

·         Improved behavior, both at home and at school

In conjunction with Susquehanna University students and community members, all of whom will have required clearances, youth mentees will be matched with an appropriate mentor. This match will be based on the completion of the attached survey and participant information.

So, if you ever wanted a big sister or brother or maybe just wanted a friend who was older to guide you, offer wisdom, or just maybe someone to talk to who has your same interests, now is the chance!

The mentor you will be paired up with makes a commitment to meet with you for an hour and a half every week between 3-6 pm every Monday through Friday.

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