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REC Code of Conduct 2023

1.  I will always check myself in and out of the REC’s main office.

2. I will only participate in Kindness, and I will stand up to or report to REC staff any hate, bullying, and and all forms       of unkindness and disrespect.

3. I will respect REC property and people there, including all staff, volunteers, and peers.

4. I will not participate in behavior that makes anyone uncomfortable; such as swearing, PDA, fake fighting and and wrestling.

5. I will never bring drugs or alcohol onto the REC’s property, either in or on my person.

6. I will not smoke, vape, or bring weapons (even fake) onto the REC’s property

7. I will model the REC behavior standards while I am out in the community with the REC for service and other activities.8

8. I will keep food in the cafe or outside only!

9. I will work towards keeping the REC a fun and safe place for everyone.

10. I understand my picture may be taken and used on social media.


Strike 1 - Verbal warning by REC staff - this is recorded on the warning board and remains for one week. If another infraction occurs within that week, I will be given Strike 2. If no other infractions are taken place within that week, strike will be removed.

Strike 2 - Family will be contacted - This is recorded on the warning board and remains for 2 weeks. If another infraction occurs within those two weeks, I will be asked to leave for a week. If no other infraction occurs, strike will be removed after two weeks.

Strike 3 - Based on severity of infraction, I may be asked to leave REC property and will not be allowed to return for a determined amount of time. Family will be notified and an incident report will be completed.

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