Who We Are

In 2016, the Regional Engagement Center, or REC, was envisioned for the youth of Snyder County to provide easily accessible education, based in a fun and easy going atmosphere, while offering positive social opportunities. In 2017, we made it happen through the generous support of this community and beyond. The REC is a 501(c)3 non-profit multi-generational community center focused on health and wellness for all. Beginning this fall we will offer:

  • Free Drop-In Socialization and Homework Help in the ‘REC’ room or ‘library’

  • Free No School Activity Days

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Summer Camps

  • Music/Art/STEM Classes and Clubs

  • Teen Leadership Program

  • Teen Business Innovation Zone – Kids Café and Musical Productions

  • Health and Wellness Classes (for all ages)

  • Cooking Classes (for all ages)

Membership to the REC gives one access to all of the above, or families and youth can pick what they need.  Scholarships will be provided for many for programs with a fee. Many programs have no cost at all!

The Regional Engagement Center will be the place for kids to go after school and on weekends, where inter-generational programs ignite the human spirit, and the community comes together to maximize existing resources, and to create new opportunities and connections.

The Need

The 2011 Pennsylvania Youth Survey data indicated that Snyder County youth feel their community is ‘disorganized’; they don’t know where to go or what to do, especially after school. Moreover, our rural community lacks easily accessible transportation.


Also in the PAYS data, Snyder County youth ranked higher than the state average in both access to and use of drugs or alcohol, as well as having participated in or thinking that antisocial behavior is okay. A regional survey done by United Way Teen Impact Council survey found a great need for afterschool programming in Snyder County. Responses highlighted gaps in available and accessible programming in the community.

This is our chance to make it happen!


REC Board of Directors 2019

Tom Peeler, President

Philip Riggs, Vice President

Tyler Shields, Treasurer

Marvin Rudnitsky, Secretary

Donald Weirick

Paul Donecker

Sarah Farbo

Michael Zettlemoyer

Mary Muolo

Betsy Lockwood

Chandra Childress

Terry Heintzelman

Steve Varias

Fritz Heinemann

“There are many great resources in Snyder County. The R.E.C. will be the place that unifies and fortifies those strengths and programs, fills needed gaps and offers new choices and opportunities! We are making this happen for the health and well-being of all generations in our community.”

— Kelly Feiler Director, Regional Engagement Center